Lighten Your Load With Pelican Air Cases

Lighten your load on every trip with the Pelican Air travel case series. Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, these protective cases are built for soaring adventures.

Designed for airline carry-on baggage rules, this innovative travel case series uses an upgraded proprietary resin to cut case weight without impacting protection or durability. Air cases feature telescoping handles that lock into place and wheels with stainless steel bearings for smooth, quiet rolling.


While Pelican cases are a bit pricey for casual travelers, they are an essential piece of equipment for adventure photographers, explorers and mountaineers. They are made to withstand the most punishing of adventures and keep all the contents safe. The 1535TRVL case I reviewed is a rolling airline carry-on size and offers both front as well as side carrying handles. The latches are opened with a simple press and lock shut with a reassuring snap.

These cases are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases from the brand but still backed by a lifetime guarantee. They have been drop-tested and submerged to ensure durability. They can be purchased with no foam, classic Pick N Pluck foam blocks, padded dividers or the new TrekPak adjustable divider system. There are even independent companies that can laser-cut foam to fit specific equipment, if you need the ultimate custom bag. The new cases have a deeper interior to accommodate more gear, if necessary.


Pelican cases are made with adventure travelers, mountaineers and explorers in mind. Their rugged, nearly-indestructible shells absorb impacts and keep contents perfectly safe at the same time. They are built with an automatic pressure equalization valve that maintains case air pressure while opening or closing the lid, allowing for watertight protection and keeping out dust, dirt and grime.

All Pelican injection molded cases are guaranteed for life against breakage and defects in workmanship or materials. They are also watertight and crushproof, meeting IP 67 standards for submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

The newest addition to the Pelican line is the AIR series, up to 40% lighter than standard Pelican cases with no reduction in protective features. They come in airline carry-on size, with lid storage and packing cubes for gear organization. Add a TrekPak insert with zippered pouches, see-through mesh pockets and padded dividers or a Pick N Pluck foam interior solution to create the perfect custom fit for your equipment.


When you need to transport expensive gear, you want a case that can handle it. Pelican cases have been thrown off sky scrapers and through windows, dragged across glaciers and through shifting pack ice, but they still deliver. It might be a large format camera that shoots the next magazine cover or a lifesaving defibrillator, but it’s important that your gear gets from point A to point B undamaged.

Pelican Air cases are up to 40% lighter than their standard polymer models, but they don’t sacrifice durability. They use super-light HPX2 resin that combines strength and lightness.

Pelican Air cases come empty (1535AirNF) or with padded dividers to organize your equipment. You can also add a lid organizer with zippered pockets and see-through mesh to secure passports and cables. The dividers are flexible and easy to reconfigure on the fly. You can even use Pelican’s super cool online tool to make custom foam cutouts for your equipment.


Pelican Air cases use press-and-pull latches for added security and are available with a variety of case accessories that allow you to organize your gear. You can select padded dividers, Pick-N-Pluck foam or a TrekPak(tm) divider kit to customize the interior layout of your case.

These cases are up to 40% lighter than their polymer counterparts and offer the same legendary durability. This is made possible by reducing structural waste and incorporating lightweight components like an aircraft-grade aluminum handle and a telescoping case lid.

Many Pelican cases are built with adventure travelers, mountaineers, and explorers in mind. These are people who need their equipment to be able to withstand explosions, shifting pack ice, and airplane crashes. They also need a suitcase that can get their gear to the other side of the world with minimal hassle. Pelican Air travel cases make this happen with a lightweight suitcase design that is easy to carry or roll and includes features like locking telescoping handles, see-through mesh pocket, packing cubes and business card holder.

A Growing Fascination With Sex Doll Australia

Australia has a growing fascination with child-like sex dolls, which are attracting men and women who are forming ’intimate relationships’ with them. One tradie from rural NSW says his dolls keep him company when he can’t be with his girlfriend.

Despite the popularity of these abhorrent dolls, which objectify children, it is illegal to possess them. Those found guilty face up to 10 years in prison.
Tradie’s ’intimate’ relationship with dolls

A tradie from rural NSW says his girlfriend erupted in anger when she discovered he was in an intimate relationship with a doll. Rod – not his real name – purchased the doll Karina in 2021 after suffering serious depression during back-to-back Covid lockdowns. He had no physical contact with women for two years and realised his mental health was taking a hit.

He bought Karina online and named her, describing her as a ‘friend and companion’. He says she helps him through times of loneliness and he even uses her to take portrait photographs.

Sex dolls marketed as lifelike replicas of women and girls for men’s on-demand sexual use have serious, real world consequences for all women and girls. They objectify women, encourage men to see them as objects and foster an attitude of entitlement. This normalises and promotes misogyny and harms all women and girls. Research shows that these dolls can also be used by pedophiles.

Melbourne’s sex doll craze

There’s a new trend sweeping Melbourne that has one firm selling dolls in record numbers. Canny motorists have discovered a lifelike doll called Donna is the perfect way to fool traffic cameras by sitting her in the passenger seat of their car and hence qualifying them for the faster transit lane on the Eastern Freeway. The result has been that the company has now sold out of all their lifelike models for the first time ever.

Childlike sex dolls are considered child abuse materials and it is illegal to possess them in Australia. Border force officers have been tracking the influx of these sex dolls and a 23-year-old man was arrested in Grafton and Turramurra on Thursday and will face court in Lismore on Friday. Those who import the dolls could be jailed for up to 15 years. The man’s arrest was based on collaboration between the ABF and NSW Police and financial intelligence from AUSTRAC and PayPal.

Childlike sex dolls are a child abuse material

When deciding which protected legal interests should be used as the basis for national provisions banning childlike sex dolls, national legislators face a dilemma. On the one hand, countries that base their criminal laws on the protection of children have little empirical evidence to rely on.

For example, there is no conclusive research that these dolls encourage or protect children from sexual abuse or that they have a cathartic effect on (some) users.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has been working to crack down on the importation of these disturbing dolls since last year. The agency said it had seized 226 childlike sex dolls and parts from locations such as mainland China, Japan and Hong Kong. In a recent interview, the woman behind a Sydney-based online seller called ’Sexy Lady Fox’ provided an extraordinary justification for her business model. She said her dolls were a ‘required item’ in a society where paedosexuality was widely accepted.
A 23-year-old man has been arrested for importing childlike sex dolls

The man, from Sydney’s southwest, has been charged with importing an obscene article and a prohibited import under the Customs Act. He will appear in Liverpool Local Court on September 29. The discovery comes as authorities note a 653 per cent increase in the number of child-like sex dolls seized over the past two years. A spokesman for the National Crime Agency Child Exploitation and Online Protection Specialist Operation Team says the men who purchase these dolls are often trying to defeat border controls by misleadingly labelling their parcels.

The spokesman adds that sex dolls Australia can be made to resemble celebrities, porn stars and even real-life victims of child abuse. They are also sold in different body types and can have oversized or fantasy proportions to cater for a range of sexual fantasies. He said sex dolls are popular among people who are suffering from anxiety or grief and can provide them with a risk-free way to experiment with intimacy.

Buy Car Phone Holders Online

Whether you need to make hands-free calls, listen to music, or use your phone as a satnav, you’ll want a car mount that can hold your device securely. Some mounts stick to the windshield or dashboard, while others clip onto vents or sit in a cup holder.

A few key factors to consider include compatibility, adjustability, and how well the grip holds up in hot weather. We’ve rounded up our top picks here.

Windshield Mount

There’s not much that adds more benefit to your car than a good phone mount. Having the information you need at your fingertips means you can get where you’re going without distraction. It’s one of those pieces of equipment that you don’t even realize you need until you have it.

There are plenty of windshield mounts to choose from, but our favorite is the iOttie Easy One Touch 4. It holds all the iPhone sizes without or with cases and lets you adjust the screen view angle. It’s also easy to install and remove and stays secure on smooth or textured surfaces.

If you want to avoid the risk of a suction cup or adhesive mount damaging your windshield, try a vent clip instead. This model from Belkin slips onto your vent (remember to turn off airflow to the vent) and holds your phone securely. It’s also simple to set up and remove and won’t interfere with visibility in your mirrors.

Dashboard Mount

For those who want to keep their phone in sight without going against county regulations on using a car phone holders on the windshield, this dashboard mount is a good choice. It’s inconspicuous and easy to use with a wide range of motion, and it can hold even a large phone with a case.

It uses 20 magnets to keep your phone in place, compared with the 12 that most competitors use. And its swivel ball design allows you to orient the mount in a way that’s most convenient for your driving position.

You’ll lose a cup-holder space for your skinny latte with this mount, but it’s an excellent option for people who don’t like to deal with suction cups or vent clips. Plus, it’s the fastest and easiest to set up and detach. All it takes is one hand to pop the mount in and out of its cradle, then adjust it for your ideal viewing angle.

Cup Holder

Many people like a cup holder phone mount because it takes up a spot in one of your car’s cup holders and keeps your smartphone within reach. However, it may take some finagling to position your phone properly.

Some mounts have a gooseneck that lets you better angle your device for viewing. These can be useful if you want to be sure you can easily reach the screen to read the map or answer a call without distracting your attention from the road. Another feature to consider when choosing a car mount is whether it’s easy to charge your phone. Some holders require you to remove your phone from the mount and plug in the charger cable, which can be a hassle if you’re already on the road. Others include a permanent cable attachment so you don’t have to deal with this extra step. Lastly, you should also consider how stable the mount is on bumpy roads.

How to Find the Best Newborn Photography in Wellington

Newborn photography is a special gift for new parents to capture those first moments of their baby. Capturing the tiny toes, squishy cheeks and adorable facial expressions is priceless.

Taking newborn photos can be challenging, so you need to find a professional who knows how to handle babies. They will be able to ensure that you get the best pictures of your little one!

Michelle’s Photography

When it comes to newborn photography Wellington, you need a professional who understands how to capture the most precious moments. They must be trained in posing techniques and have an extensive background in baby care. Only the best photographers can master these skills.

Michelle’s Photography, located in West Palm Beach, is a boutique studio that provides new parents with everything they need to have a fun and memorable newborn session. Her studio is cozy and feels like home, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed while your child is being photographed.

Julie Logan is an award-winning Wellington, Florida photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn portraiture. She captures timeless images that you’ll be proud to display in your home and share with future generations as family heirlooms. She’s been a full-time professional for over ten years and is licensed, insured, and fully trained in maternity and newborn posing. Her goal is to create custom fine art products that you will love forever.

Yailin’s Photography

Yailin’s Photography, owned by Yailin Benitez, specializes in maternity and newborn photos. She aims to capture the beauty of expectant mothers and their new babies against neutral, natural backdrops. She also offers portraits, first birthdays, Quinceanera, and weddings.

Newborns change so quickly, so it’s important to capture them when they are most fresh and untouched. This requires a photographer who is exceptionally adept with babies and can recognize the pleasant gestures of their little hands.

This studio, located in Palm City, aims to provide superior service to customers who want to preserve the memories of pregnancy or the first days of life with a professional touch. Its talented photographers use soft, pastel colors and light to create artistic portraits that capture the personality of each subject.

The company also provides custom packages to ensure that customers get the perfect pictures for their needs. Its experienced photographers will guide you through every step of the process and help you feel comfortable throughout your session.

Beth Westlake

Newborn photography is a great way to capture the beauty and innocence of your little one. Those adorable smiles, coos and tiny features are moments that you won’t be able to recreate again, so it’s important to have them captured before they’re gone.

Beth Westlake is a highly experienced and talented newborn photographer who can help you capture those beautiful first moments with your baby. Based just a few miles outside Wellington, her portfolio is full of stunning images that showcase her creativity and attention to detail.

She offers a range of packages, including studio and lifestyle sessions, and she provides a variety of props to ensure your session goes smoothly. Book her as your newborn photographer in Wellington, and she will create beautiful images that you can treasure for years to come.

Laura’s Images

Newborn photography is a great way to capture those adorable little details that you’ll never get again. Having a professional newborn photographer take pictures of your baby can help you remember these special moments for years to come.

The best newborn photographers in Wellington are ready to give you photos you’ll love. They are experts at capturing the special bond between you and your child in a natural and beautiful way.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to cherish your children’s first moments as they grow up. The best newborn photography in Wellington will help you capture the most important milestones, including their first steps and their first day of school. The best newborn photographers in Wellington will also offer you a range of options and packages to suit your budget. The best newborn photographers in Wellington will be able to provide you with images that are sure to impress your friends and family.

Flower Delivery Services in Auckland

If you want to show your loved ones that you care, sending flowers is a great option. It’s a simple gesture that can really melt their hearts and will cost you a lot less than other gifts.

There are a number of flower delivery services in Auckland that offer beautiful and fresh bouquets at affordable prices. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

Citi Flora

Citi Flora has been around since 1997 and they have an array of different flower arrangements to suit your needs. They specialise in office bouquets, birthdays and other special occasions that need flowers delivered in the Auckland area.

Their flower delivery in Auckland is a breeze to book, and their customer service is second to none. They even offer a same-day delivery service for when you need to send flowers at short notice.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more personal, they also have a selection of different gifts to choose from. These include a rose and a teddy bear.

They are also a great choice for funeral and sympathy flowers, as well as get well flowers for when you need to cheer someone up. Their flower delivery in Auckland is the perfect way to show that you care.

Matan Florist

Matan Florist is an Auckland based flower shop with a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements to choose from. They offer a number of options for every occasion including birthdays, weddings, funerals and more.

They also have a wide selection of gift baskets and silk flowers that are sure to impress. They even have a personalised service that allows you to create your own gift box for someone special.

If you’re looking for the best flower delivery services in the city, look no further than Matan Florist. They provide a range of on-trend, contemporary flower designs for all occasions with free same day delivery.

Devonport Flowers

Flowers make a great gift for a wide variety of occasions. They can be a thoughtful and heartfelt way to say “I’m thinking of you.”

Devonport Flowers is a family owned and operated florist in the Auckland region. They provide a wide range of floral products and services including flower delivery in Auckland, NZ.

Their onsite florists are experts at creating the perfect bouquet. From classic bouquets, quaint posies to modern and contemporary designs, they can do it all. They also have a large selection of bespoke gifts, house plants, and hampers that will impress the most discerning of shoppers. The best part is that they deliver right to your door. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for your loved one or need to send the perfect birthday surprise, they have you covered.


Bouqo is one of the best flower delivery services in Auckland, combining beautiful blooms with mouthwatering treats and gifts. They partner with local florists to offer a range of unique bouquets, including flowers and fruit arrangements.

They also offer gifts such as a chocolate dipped strawberries, banana bites, apple wedges, and more. They are also available for same-day flower delivery in Auckland, making it easy to celebrate any occasion.

This Jervois Road shop is the perfect place to spoil your loved ones, if they’re into anything floral and dreamy. Their bouquets are a must-have for romantic couples, with silky ribbons, dreamy tulle, and ever-so-pretty posies.

The Wild Rose

If you’re looking to send someone in Auckland a gorgeous bouquet, The Wild Rose is one of the best flower delivery services in town. Their qualified florists are passionate about arranging flowers and creating beautiful designs that fit the occasion.

In addition to their curated flower range, they also offer dried flowers which have been a hit with customers since they introduced them in June. This initiative allows them to expand their value offering and add an extra element of creativity to their gift selection.

They also have a variety of gift boxes that are perfect for romantic occasions. The boxes are adorned with roses and other blooms and come with premium chocolate, bubbles and scented candles that you know your loved one will love.

Buy Speaker Stands Online

Whether you’re looking for affordable stands or an expensive pair of stand-mount speakers, there are many great options to choose from. Adding suitable speaker supports to your system will reduce unwanted resonance, ensuring the sound quality of your speakers is at their best.

Some of the most effective speaker platforms incorporate a heavy plate on top, while others use a frame made from rigid components that are joined by resilient isolators. Regardless, they all work well for getting the most out of your monitor speakers.

SANUS Natural Series NF30

The SANUS Natural Series NF30 is an elegant speaker stand that brings the beauty of real hardwood construction together with high performance speaker support. The base is made of acoustically superior 3/4″ MDF and includes adjustable carpet spikes, screw-in polyester feet for stability, as well as neoprene pads that help absorb resonance for improved sound quality. The pillar is wrapped with real hardwood veneer for the perfect combination of beauty and resonance damping, while a unique wire management system lets you hide cables in a safety channel behind the pillar. The top plate features brass studs and neoprene isolation pads that provide excellent isolation from vibration. Designed for small bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs, the NF30 is a beautiful stand at a great price.

SANUS Natural Series NF70

The SANUS Natural Series NF70 is a speaker stand that features a sleek frame and a fixed 18-inch height. It is designed to support mid-sized bookshelf speakers that weigh no more than 25 lbs. It has a black-lacquered MDF base with adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet for optimum stability. The top plate has adjustable brass studs and neoprene pads for superior isolation and resonance damping, as well as a patented wire management channel that conceals and protects cables. This unit is a great choice for home theater enthusiasts who want to install a pair of mid-sized speakers. It also boasts a classy design and is reasonably priced. Buying this unit online is the easiest way to get the best deal possible on it.

SANUS Natural Series NF90

The SANUS Natural Series NF90 is an audiophile-grade speaker stand that does just about everything to help you get the most out of your speakers. It features a black-lacquered MDF base, adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet for stability, and an innovative top plate with a patented wire management channel to keep cables out of sight. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It might be one of the best speaker stands you can buy online.

SANUS Natural Series NF100

The SANUS Natural Series NF100 is an 18-inch stand that supports medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. It has a black-lacquered MDF base and includes adjustable carpet spikes to provide stability for your speaker. The top plate features adjustable-height brass studs with neoprene pads to provide superior isolation and resonance damping, and a wire management channel conceals cables. The SANUS Natural Series NF100 has been tested and recommended by a variety of audiophiles. This is a very solid and sturdy stand that looks premium and is priced very reasonably. It is very easy to put together and is a great value.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

With a range of air source heat pumps, including ducted and ductless units, Mitsubishi offers options to suit all budgets.

Unlike gas heaters that absorb oxygen and pollute your home, Mitsubishi heat pumps have an advanced air filtration system to clean your indoor environment. This enables you to stay cozy and healthy.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, Mitsubishi heat pumps are a highly efficient choice. They use only the amount of energy necessary to warm or cool a room, making them up to 40 percent more efficient than other options.

Like a car’s cruise control, the compressor in Mitsubishi Electric’s mini-split systems adjusts its speed to match the temperature needs of the room or zones they serve, using a precise, on-demand approach to efficiency. It also avoids repetitive start and stop operation that wastes energy and equipment.

Colder Climates:

In colder weather, select Mitsubishi electric heat pump models offer all-electric heating performance down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have Hot-Start technology to deliver instant warmth, which eliminates cold blasts and drafts.

Hyper-Heat Technology

When you live in an extreme climate, it’s vital that your heating system keeps you warm and comfortable. Traditional heat pumps work best in moderate temperatures, but they have trouble dealing with the harsher weather fluctuations we’re now seeing.

That’s where a Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat system can come in handy. These ductless HVAC systems use an advanced compressor that can maintain efficiency at temperatures as low as -13 degrees.

It’s also extremely energy-efficient, a fact that has earned it ENERGY STAR’s coveted Tier 2 efficiency rating.

As a result, you’ll spend less money on fuels and stay warmer longer with a Hyper-Heat system than you would with a traditional heat pump.

If you’re ready to see if a Hyper-Heat system is right for your home, give us a call or click the button below. Our comfort experts will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation. Then, we’ll get to work! We’ll help you find a solution that meets your unique needs and budget.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi heat pumps are a quiet alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems, delivering comfort without the sound of a noisy HVAC system. These systems operate at a sound level equivalent to a human whisper, which makes them ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms.

These systems also provide energy-efficient and affordable options for homeowners who want to supplement their current heating and cooling system. They are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they’re more energy-efficient than other systems and can help reduce your electricity bill in the long run.

They also offer advanced zoning features, so you can customize your home’s temperature to your specific needs. This is a great feature for homes that don’t have ductwork or central AC systems, as it allows you to customize the comfort of your home.


Whether you have a mortgage or don’t have any extra money saved up to pay for a new heating or cooling system, Mitsubishi offers a variety of financing options. You can apply for one of these plans and get approved within an hour, with payments that fit your budget.

In addition, many homeowners can benefit from rebates or other special financing opportunities for energy-efficient equipment, such as heat pumps and air conditioners. Be sure to contact a heat pump contractor to learn more about these types of incentives before making a purchase.

During the installation process, your heat pump installer will work with you to calculate how many units you need for your home and to determine if you are eligible for any state or local rebates. In Massachusetts, for example, homeowners may be able to receive a zero-percent interest loan (Mass Save HEAT Loan) to cover the cost of a new heat pump.

Landscaping Companies in Auckland

Landscaping companies are very important if you are planning to improve the appearance of your property. The reason for this is that landscaping companies will provide you with all the necessary services needed to make your property look great. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful and beautiful landscape.
Ground Up Landscaping

Ground Up landscaping companies in Auckland offer a variety of services to customers in the region. They specialize in the installation of decks, paving, fences, and retaining walls. These companies also provide design and maintenance services.

The company has over twenty years of experience in the landscaping industry. It has won numerous awards, and it is known for its dedication to quality. With a team of experienced professionals, they can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

The landscapers at Ground Up Landscaping are experienced in both hard and soft landscaping. Their designs are tailored to the client’s needs. Whether the client is looking to build a private courtyard, or a swimming pool, they can provide the best services.
Luijten Landscaping

Luijten Landscaping is an Auckland based company that specialises in landscaping. This is a family owned business with a staff of around 30 people. They offer a wide range of services, including garden makeovers, water features, and retaining walls.

Luijten Landscaping boasts a hefty plant nursery. The company also has an in-house design team to assist in making your dreams a reality. These guys have a reputation for delivering high-end results, and are a requirement for many new developments.

Second Nature Garden is another company that has been around for nearly two decades, and it is well-known as one of the best in the business. This is mainly because they have an impressive range of landscaping products, including paving, pool fencing, planting plans, and retaining walls. It’s not surprising that the company has won numerous awards.
Warwick Price Landscaping

Warwick Price Landscaping offers a wide variety of landscaping services in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a well-established company with a stellar track record for quality outdoor living areas. Their portfolio includes water features, flowerbeds and pavers.

One of their most impressive projects is the design of an elongated and aesthetically pleasing outdoor swimming pool area. Moreover, they also do bush trimming and sod installation. You can find their contact information on their website.

They also offer a free consultation and estimate. Aside from landscaping, they can help you source the best materials for your project. Moreover, they are a team of landscaping pros. With 23 years of experience under their belt, they can handle it all.
Greenearth Landscapes

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in the Auckland area, you’ve come to the right place. Greenearth Landscapes is a reputable firm that specializes in both residential and commercial properties, but it’s also got a knack for park landscaping. Their list of services includes everything from garden maintenance to installing a new driveway. The best part is that their prices are competitive. You can even get a free quote for your project before you sign a contract.

The team at GreenEarth NZ has a hefty amount of expertise when it comes to gardening, construction and even soil. They’re also able to offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services, from garden maintenance to designing a whole new garden.
Kensington Landscaping

Kensington Landscaping is a well-known Auckland landscaping company that has over 25 years of experience in the industry. They specialize in a wide range of landscaping services, including pergolas, water features, and garden planning. Their design team is led by a skilled artist who has more than two decades of experience.

They have built strong relationships with their clients, and keep them updated on the progress of their projects. They also offer free consultations. Second Nature Garden is also well-known for their pool fencing and retaining walls. These are great for making the most out of your outdoor space. You can have your own unique landscape design with the help of this company.
On Site Landscape Group Management

Landscaping companies in Auckland can provide you with the finest landscaping design, maintenance and installation services. They will also help you keep your yard looking good throughout the year. When you choose a company, you will be sure to get the results you have always wanted. In addition, they will also take care of any pests or weeds that may appear.

A good landscape company will help you choose the right plants, trees and flowers to enhance your home’s curb appeal. However, you may also want to look into decorative structures and artwork to add to the overall beauty of your home. The experts at On Site Landscape Group Management will work with you to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

Important Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Skip Bin

Before you decide to hire a skip bin, you should consider some important factors, including the cost and the reasons you should hire one. In addition, you should be sure to choose a company that provides excellent customer support. If you have any concerns or questions, a good skip bin hire service will respond quickly and efficiently.
Alternatives to hiring a skip bin

Hiring a skip bin can be an excellent idea if you have a lot of waste to dispose of. These bins allow you to collect trash from multiple locations and have it removed all at once. They are the fastest and most economical way to get rid of trash. Plus, they will save you from the hassle of hauling all of your trash to a local landfill.

When using a skip bin, you need to make sure to load it efficiently, and you should break it up if necessary. You do not want to create any gaps or air pockets. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money on your skip bin than you originally planned. Make sure to plan your rubbish removal well in advance, so that you get the most out of your rental time.

Another option is to do a tip run, which involves hiring a ute or trailer, loading up your rubbish, driving to the nearest tip, and then dumping it yourself. However, this can be time-consuming and costly. Not only does it cost money, but you also have to consider the cost of hiring a ute and fuel.
Cost of hiring a skip bin

The cost of hiring a skip bin can vary greatly depending on the size and the length of time that you need it. Shorter hire periods are generally cheaper than long ones, and there are some firms that offer value-added services for an additional fee. Another factor that can affect the cost of hire is location. If you live in an area that is remote, you can expect to pay higher fees. For this reason, it’s important to shop around and compare companies in your area.

The cost of hiring a skip bin depends on the size and the type of waste that you want to dispose of. Smaller, mini-sized bins are the best choice for spring cleaning or small renovation projects. They can hold the equivalent of eight household rubbish bins and are perfect for smaller cleanup projects. Typically, a mini-sized skip will cost about $280 to hire. Medium-sized bins range from $350 to $380 and are best for medium-sized cleanup projects.

While most waste types can be easily thrown into a general waste skip bin, some types require special handling. While green waste doesn’t require specialized handling, heavy waste is much harder to transfer, and requires a specially designed bin.
Good reasons to hire a skip bin

Whether you’re working on a home renovation project or just cleaning up the yard, a skip bin is an excellent solution. A skip bin will help you dispose of waste quickly and safely, and will reduce the mess on the site. They also come in a variety of sizes, so they can handle different types of waste.

Skip bins are especially convenient if you need to move heavy items from one place to another. They will also free up space on job sites. Often, job sites are chaotic, so removing unwanted items will help keep workers and equipment free from unnecessary clutter. In addition, hiring the right size skip bin will make sure that your job site stays clean and organized.

Hiring a skip bin is easy. You can order one online or over the phone. A professional will then deliver the container to your property. You can choose the size of your skip bin depending on how much waste you’ll have.
Choosing a skip bin provider

When choosing a skip bin provider, make sure they offer several different sizes and types. In addition, they should be able to classify waste based on its composition. Also, each model of skip bin should have a specific loading limit. This is important to ensure safe waste disposal. The company you choose should be able to offer you a guarantee to protect your investment.

The first step in choosing a skip bin provider is to get quotes from at least three different companies. Prices will vary depending on the size of the skip bin you need and the location. Choose the company that provides the best value for money. Also, check online reviews and references to make sure that they are trustworthy. Make sure they also offer insurance and money-back guarantees.

Choosing a skip bin provider should be easy as they have professional delivery staff. You can also hire them online and have them delivered to your property. It is important to check the waste classification as different types of waste require different types of bins. Choosing a company that caters to your needs will help you avoid costly mistakes and save time and hassle. Skip bins are an environmentally-friendly option and will help you save money on waste disposal.

5 Types of Designer Furniture in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you can find various types of designer furniture. For instance, you can choose from items from Parker Ferguson, Goldsworthy Studio, Trenzseater and Soren Liv. These furniture items will make a statement in your living space and are a great way to make your home unique.

Parker Ferguson

Parker Ferguson designer furniture is a Wellington-based company that specializes in Italian and New Zealand furniture. They also provide interior design services. The company carries a variety of brands including Natuzzi, Calligaris, Fitzroy Furniture, Davies Furniture, and Classique. Their furniture collection includes contemporary and modern designs.

Their unique selection of designer furniture is available in both New Zealand and overseas. Their designers can work with you to find the perfect piece for your home. They also source unique samples for each client to choose from. They are also Wellington’s “home of Natuzzi”, a brand known for its luxury leather sofas and chairs. The company is still headed by Pasquale Natuzzi, who oversees the production process in Italy. Natuzzi is famous for its attention to detail. Only one in 50 designs is ever developed to a prototype stage, and they strive to have a clean environmental record.


The Trenzseater showroom represents different living areas so that clients can see the products in action. The company also offers full interior design services. They have won numerous international design awards and are known for their innovative, functional and creative designs. They have two New Zealand locations, one in Christchurch and one in Auckland.

Trenzseater’s philosophy is to create the best possible quality furniture, while minimizing the impact on the environment. This is why the company uses sustainable components and raw materials for its products. They also adhere to the strictest standards of furniture production, ensuring that every piece meets the highest quality. They offer a complete design service, so you can trust that your home is in the hands of a team that truly knows what it takes to make furniture that will suit you perfectly.

Goldsworthy Studio

Designer Nathan Goldsworthy creates intimate pieces for the home. These pieces are crafted of laminated European ash and blazer wood. The collection includes the ‘ballet’ chair, armchair and table. These pieces come in natural and black finishes. They have a high back and are perfect for long conversations.

Goldsworthy Studio designer furniture is the result of Nathan Goldsworthy’s passion for design and innovation. The studio was established in 2004 by Nathan Goldsworthy and James Whitta, who met in the Industrial Design studios at Victoria University. The two started the company after they graduated and had an affinity for furniture design. One of their best-selling designs, the Tio Chair, is an icon of New Zealand design.

Soren Liv

If you’re looking for a unique way to furnish your home, consider the Soren Liv designer furniture range. This range has been designed with interior designers in mind and is available online and at the Evoque Furniture store in Kingsland, Auckland. You’ll find high quality pieces at affordable prices that are made to last.


If you are in the market for a new sofa, dining room table, or bedroom set, you cannot go past Jardin designer furniture NZ. This Parnell-based design store is home to some of the best home decor stores in the country. Their stylish collections will brighten up any interior. You can also visit their outdoor collection, including colourful furniture and accessories. Jardin has a distinctive wordmark logo, which combines a clean aesthetic with unexpected colour and contemporary shapes.

Bec Dowie

Bec Dowie is the founder of Douglas and Bec, a New Zealand-based furniture design studio. She lives and works in a converted barn outside of Auckland. Her design aesthetic is minimalist, and she employs a skilled team of craftspeople to complete each piece. Her aim is to create timeless furniture that can be passed down through generations. The collection includes bed heads, bedside tables, lowboys, lamp bases, sideboards, and more.

Douglas and Bec has been operating for ten years. They combine traditional design techniques with modern manufacturing practices, resulting in unique and innovative pieces that will last a lifetime. The studio uses the highest-quality materials and collaborates with talented local makers.