Lighten Your Load With Pelican Air Cases

Lighten your load on every trip with the Pelican Air travel case series. Up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, these protective cases are built for soaring adventures.

Designed for airline carry-on baggage rules, this innovative travel case series uses an upgraded proprietary resin to cut case weight without impacting protection or durability. Air cases feature telescoping handles that lock into place and wheels with stainless steel bearings for smooth, quiet rolling.


While Pelican cases are a bit pricey for casual travelers, they are an essential piece of equipment for adventure photographers, explorers and mountaineers. They are made to withstand the most punishing of adventures and keep all the contents safe. The 1535TRVL case I reviewed is a rolling airline carry-on size and offers both front as well as side carrying handles. The latches are opened with a simple press and lock shut with a reassuring snap.

These cases are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases from the brand but still backed by a lifetime guarantee. They have been drop-tested and submerged to ensure durability. They can be purchased with no foam, classic Pick N Pluck foam blocks, padded dividers or the new TrekPak adjustable divider system. There are even independent companies that can laser-cut foam to fit specific equipment, if you need the ultimate custom bag. The new cases have a deeper interior to accommodate more gear, if necessary.


Pelican cases are made with adventure travelers, mountaineers and explorers in mind. Their rugged, nearly-indestructible shells absorb impacts and keep contents perfectly safe at the same time. They are built with an automatic pressure equalization valve that maintains case air pressure while opening or closing the lid, allowing for watertight protection and keeping out dust, dirt and grime.

All Pelican injection molded cases are guaranteed for life against breakage and defects in workmanship or materials. They are also watertight and crushproof, meeting IP 67 standards for submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

The newest addition to the Pelican line is the AIR series, up to 40% lighter than standard Pelican cases with no reduction in protective features. They come in airline carry-on size, with lid storage and packing cubes for gear organization. Add a TrekPak insert with zippered pouches, see-through mesh pockets and padded dividers or a Pick N Pluck foam interior solution to create the perfect custom fit for your equipment.


When you need to transport expensive gear, you want a case that can handle it. Pelican cases have been thrown off sky scrapers and through windows, dragged across glaciers and through shifting pack ice, but they still deliver. It might be a large format camera that shoots the next magazine cover or a lifesaving defibrillator, but it’s important that your gear gets from point A to point B undamaged.

Pelican Air cases are up to 40% lighter than their standard polymer models, but they don’t sacrifice durability. They use super-light HPX2 resin that combines strength and lightness.

Pelican Air cases come empty (1535AirNF) or with padded dividers to organize your equipment. You can also add a lid organizer with zippered pockets and see-through mesh to secure passports and cables. The dividers are flexible and easy to reconfigure on the fly. You can even use Pelican’s super cool online tool to make custom foam cutouts for your equipment.


Pelican Air cases use press-and-pull latches for added security and are available with a variety of case accessories that allow you to organize your gear. You can select padded dividers, Pick-N-Pluck foam or a TrekPak(tm) divider kit to customize the interior layout of your case.

These cases are up to 40% lighter than their polymer counterparts and offer the same legendary durability. This is made possible by reducing structural waste and incorporating lightweight components like an aircraft-grade aluminum handle and a telescoping case lid.

Many Pelican cases are built with adventure travelers, mountaineers, and explorers in mind. These are people who need their equipment to be able to withstand explosions, shifting pack ice, and airplane crashes. They also need a suitcase that can get their gear to the other side of the world with minimal hassle. Pelican Air travel cases make this happen with a lightweight suitcase design that is easy to carry or roll and includes features like locking telescoping handles, see-through mesh pocket, packing cubes and business card holder.

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