Buy Car Phone Holders Online

Whether you need to make hands-free calls, listen to music, or use your phone as a satnav, you’ll want a car mount that can hold your device securely. Some mounts stick to the windshield or dashboard, while others clip onto vents or sit in a cup holder.

A few key factors to consider include compatibility, adjustability, and how well the grip holds up in hot weather. We’ve rounded up our top picks here.

Windshield Mount

There’s not much that adds more benefit to your car than a good phone mount. Having the information you need at your fingertips means you can get where you’re going without distraction. It’s one of those pieces of equipment that you don’t even realize you need until you have it.

There are plenty of windshield mounts to choose from, but our favorite is the iOttie Easy One Touch 4. It holds all the iPhone sizes without or with cases and lets you adjust the screen view angle. It’s also easy to install and remove and stays secure on smooth or textured surfaces.

If you want to avoid the risk of a suction cup or adhesive mount damaging your windshield, try a vent clip instead. This model from Belkin slips onto your vent (remember to turn off airflow to the vent) and holds your phone securely. It’s also simple to set up and remove and won’t interfere with visibility in your mirrors.

Dashboard Mount

For those who want to keep their phone in sight without going against county regulations on using a car phone holders on the windshield, this dashboard mount is a good choice. It’s inconspicuous and easy to use with a wide range of motion, and it can hold even a large phone with a case.

It uses 20 magnets to keep your phone in place, compared with the 12 that most competitors use. And its swivel ball design allows you to orient the mount in a way that’s most convenient for your driving position.

You’ll lose a cup-holder space for your skinny latte with this mount, but it’s an excellent option for people who don’t like to deal with suction cups or vent clips. Plus, it’s the fastest and easiest to set up and detach. All it takes is one hand to pop the mount in and out of its cradle, then adjust it for your ideal viewing angle.

Cup Holder

Many people like a cup holder phone mount because it takes up a spot in one of your car’s cup holders and keeps your smartphone within reach. However, it may take some finagling to position your phone properly.

Some mounts have a gooseneck that lets you better angle your device for viewing. These can be useful if you want to be sure you can easily reach the screen to read the map or answer a call without distracting your attention from the road. Another feature to consider when choosing a car mount is whether it’s easy to charge your phone. Some holders require you to remove your phone from the mount and plug in the charger cable, which can be a hassle if you’re already on the road. Others include a permanent cable attachment so you don’t have to deal with this extra step. Lastly, you should also consider how stable the mount is on bumpy roads.

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